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There’s a lot of misinformed talk about Botox procedures and other skin tightening work done on men and women. Some sources claim that this cosmetic work is simple and easy, others opine that it can only be done by highly trained professionals.

If you are considering Houston Botox work or Houston skin tightening treatments, consider the following tips as you select the company that will perform your work:

  • You don’t want to let just anyone inject you with liquids that will make your skin smoother and practically wrinkle-free. Do your homework and find out who exactly will be giving you your Houston Botox injections. Is it a physician? At least a trained physician’s assistant? Needles in your forehead are a delicate situation; make sure that the person who holds the syringe has comprehensive training, experience and supervision.
  •  Salons, spas and other sorts of businesses that give Houston Botox treatments and do Houston skin tightening work can submit to regulation—or not. Do a bit of research to assure yourself that the company offering these types of cosmetic surgery has fully trained personnel and, perhaps even more importantly, the resources to care for you in case something goes awry. Does the spa have medical equipment to treat you in the case of a bad reaction to an injection? Has the salon created an ultra-safe environment for these delicate procedures to be done? What is the usual procedure in the doctor’s office in the case of complications after an injection? Find out definitive answers to all of these questions before signing up to get your surgery done at a given location.
  • You also need to pay a visit to any clinic, spa or wellness center that does Houston Botox and Houston skin tightening work. Trust your eye and your gut. Does the spa pass your personal eye test? Is it clean and sterile? Do the workers practice impeccable hygiene? Get a feel for any business that you might engage with to do your Botox treatments.
  • Do NOT arrange for a “Botox party” or participate in one. No matter how free and easy they might look on reality television, such fetes are not safe. Get your Houston Botox treatment or Houston skin tightening work done in a clean office that has the resources available to help if there are any complications.
  • Finally, if you can take a look at what other patients/customers look like after their Houston Botox or Houston skin tightening procedure, do so. Administering Botox in the proper amount is a true art. Do the clients at the spa that you are considering look frozen or natural? Can they move their face normally, or are there wrinkles still clearly visible after a supposedly effective skin tightening treatment? Get a look at before-and-after photos or take a good look at the patients in the place of business to see if they have the look that you are seeking. In other words, apply your personal eye test to the customers, not just the place of business.

A wellness consultation from one of the dedicated and experienced physicians at Conroe Aesthetics and Wellness is the first, smart step toward achieving your ultimate health and beauty goals. Our wellness consultations explore your medical and family history, current medications and supplements, and provides you the best wellness treatment like medical spa Houston, skin care, vein treatment Houston, laser resurfacing Houston, hydrafacial etc.  For more details Please call 936-441-1064


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If losing weight were easy, there wouldn’t be 1,000 businesses vying for your patronage to help you shed a few pounds. Getting hooked up with the right treatment plan, support structure and wise counseling can make all the difference in your quest to lose weight.

Here are some points to help you pick the right Houston weight loss program, many of which are being offered by medical spa Houston locations:

  • Does the medical spa Houston have programs that will fit you, rather than the other way around? A good way to determine this is to discern how important the initial consultation is. If you sense that the weight loss center simply wants to ramrod you into a given program, then tell it “good-bye.” However, if someone patiently explains multiple options to you and urges you to reflect on your choices, you have probably landed in a good place to meet your Houston weight loss goals. Does the spa have a patient-centered approach or a business-centered approach? Your answer to that question will help you to eliminate certain businesses immediately from your list.
  • Does the weight loss center take a holistic approach to health? Do the personnel realize that they are dealing with a human being that has all sorts of psychological characteristics that will come into play if Houston weight loss is to be achieved? You can tell this by the sorts of questions that you are asked as you have a consultation with the staff. You don’t have to give in to cynicism as you seek to lose weight; some medical spa Houston locations actually care about you as a person and are committed to your overall health when you come through their doors. They are not just seeing dollar signs. They want to help you lose weight and feel better, to achieve a higher plane of wellness.
  • Does the medical spa Houston that you are considering do a professional job in establishing your personal health profile? Does the staff ask you about your family history? Your stress level and lifestyle? Is testing done to determine your hormone levels before a wellness plan is formulated? All of these questions will give you clues about the level of professionalism practiced at the site.

Finally, as you seek to succeed at Houston weight loss, does the medical spa Houston or weight loss clinic offer a multi-pronged approach to help you reach your goals? The science behind weight loss changes constantly. Any reputable spa or wellness center will know that and offer cutting-edge treatments to help you lose weight and feel better overall. Here are just a few of the approaches that work for certain people, sometimes in combination: appetite suppressants, nutritional supplements, hormone treatments, meal plans. Any of these tools to lose weight should be offered in combination with an exercise program, of course. The value of a menu of options is that if one approach does not work for you and your body, then you can try another.


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Perhaps part of your New Year’s resolutions is the determination to take care of minor skin issues that, for you, have been major. You want to take that final step and feel great about how you look from head to toe.

Two relatively minor procedures can make all of the difference as you seek to look your best: hair removal and laser resurfacing.

Houston Hair Removal

Many of us have pesky hair that seems to refuse all of our efforts to remove it. No matter what product we try, the hair grows back—sometimes darker and more abundantly than before.

That’s why laser hair removal was invented, to do away with unsightly hair on any part of your body that you desire—arms, chest, face, back, legs or anywhere else. Houston hair removal via laser treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and clean.

Laser treatment for Houston hair removal is far less painful than waxing, electrolysis or razors. As you seek out Houston hair removal, be sure to find a licensed physician or technician for this high-tech procedure.

Once you make an appointment for Houston hair removal, you might be surprised by how easy it all is. A technician will use a small, hand-operated device that will shoot a painless light beam to stop the blood supply to the hair’s root, ensuring lasting Houston hair removal.

The hair will be seared off at the outer skin level, and the dead follicle will follow 1-3 weeks later. Throughout the procedure, you will have a cooling system applied to your skin to minimize any irritation or pain that you could feel.

Because hair grows in different cycles at different points on your body, you will most likely need to repeat Houston hair removal laser treatments between six and eight times over a year-long plan to ensure permanent results.

Laser Resurfacing Houston

Laser resurfacing utilizes the laser beam for a different purpose: to remove the effects of sun damage and other skin problems in just a couple of sessions that are painless and safe. One of the wonders of modern science is how a beam that can burn in one application can actually reverse the effects of the sun’s burn on a person’s skin.

Laser resurfacing Houston treatments can combat:

  • Brown spots and other pigmented lesions
  • Wrinkles
  • Surgical scars
  • Melasma (patches of brown on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip and nose)

Again, as you seek laser resurfacing Houston treatment, be sure to find a clinic that has licensed physicians and technicians. Take a look at the clinic’s website and view before-and-after photos to see if your particular problem can be addressed through laser resurfacing Houston sessions.

Let the newest applications of laser technology help you to achieve your beauty goals for the coming year. Let the power of the laser beam enable you to get rid of persistent hair and improve your skin tone. The cost of each might surprise you, and you will love the results.


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Many people that make New Year’s resolutions focus on health and wellness, and rightly so. Maintaining your body not only enables you to feel better today, it will greatly increase your chances of a long life tomorrow.

Two areas that many adults want to make progress in is skin care and weight loss. Men and women that have spent a lot of time in the sun, have a genetic disposition to wrinkles on their face or are showing signs of early aging are opting more and more for Houston skin tightening treatments.

Skin Tightening

As the technology behind these treatments advances by the day, the chances of people undergoing Houston skin tightening and emerging with a horror story or lumpy face are diminishing to near zero. Many people prefer Houston skin tightening procedures, in fact, because they are non-surgical cosmetic procedures that will not leave any scars and work more naturally with one’s God-given beauty.

Houston skin tightening is not just for those who have a mass of wrinkles or a chin that sags far too much. People are opting for Houston skin tightening to simply soften a line here and there on their face or to remove fat that cannot be dealt with in any other manner.

The end result can be spectacular! People will comment on your new look and perhaps not even know what you have done to achieve it. They will see that you have taken years off of your look and don’t have a frozen face to prove it. Rather, your new natural look, courtesy of Houston skin tightening treatment, will leave you feeling more confident and you will certainly draw more admiring glances from those around you.

Weight Loss

As for a Houston weight loss program that will produce lasting results, the most surefire ways to lose pounds and keep them off have focused on these core principles:

  • Increasing one’s metabolism to enable the body to more efficiently burn the calories added to it
  • Re-training the mind to see food differently and break its chokehold on one’s mentality
  • Building improved health habits that will re-make the body and last for a lifetime
  • Emphasizing the benefits of good diet and nutrition, not the negativity of needing to re-make a body and avoid obesity

One line of Houston weight loss products that has drawn sterling reviews is the Bios Life® Slim™ offerings. This line of products leads to Houston weight loss by using natural ingredients to burn fat, balance blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels. The shakes that comprise the core of this program are easily mixed in water and leave you feeling full so that you eat less at meal times but are not robbed of essential vitamins and minerals in the process.

Others have achieved Houston weight loss through the hCG diet, using a hormone that causes the body to release fat. Houston weight loss can be significant with hCG intake combined with a rigorous diet over 4-6 weeks.